Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Connor and Sadie Camp!

We had so much fun with our favorite little people
in the whole world! For 6 days we got to play with and
entertain Connor and Sadie. Since the weather
didn't quite cooperate, we did much of our playing
indoors. We crafted necklaces out of beads, did
fake tatoos, decorated t-shirts, and made
photo scrapbooks of our May trip to Orange
County. When it wasn't raining we headed to the
park where Connor and Mark played baseball and
Sadie and I played "house" on the play structures.
We took turns being the "kid" and the "mom". I
wish I had taken the camera to capture Connor
throwing amazing pitches and hitting all those
"homeruns!" We are such lucky grandparents!

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Breakfast Fun!
Donuts are always a favorite, but we
also branched out and made some
special Star Wars pancakes--Yoda and
Darth Vader to be exact. Connor
has to have his pancakes laden
with chocolate chips. Sadie likes hers
covered with maple syrup.

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One of our projects was making t-shirts
to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of a baby
sister. Fun!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road Trip Summer 2009

The old clock tower on the Spokane River

Sculpture by the Missouri in Fort Benton

One of many picturesque scenes on the road between Missoula and Lincoln Montana

The Missouri River near the "Great Falls"
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Seeley Lake

We went on a series of day trips--each one was fun and interesting.
This one was at Seeley Lake, which is about 90 miles south of Fairfield. It was a perfect day.

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"Great Falls" Montana--this is the falls on the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark interrupted their journey by boats. They had to carry them up beyond the falls before they could continue on their journey west.

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Good eats across Montana!

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Grand Union Hotel and Shep

One of the outstanding features of Fort Benton was the Grand Union Hotel which still stands. The large painting shows how it probably looked in the early days. For all dog lovers, the story of "Shep" is very touching.

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Fort Benton, Montana

We visited Fort Benton, which is on the banks of the Missouri River. It is called the birthplace of Montana. Although it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, it was quite scenic and very interesting! Lewis and Clark passed through as they made their way up the Missouri.

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Journey Down Memory Lane

Thanks to mapquest, I was able to find the first apartment I lived in on my own in Spokane, Washington. Because it was right across the street from a park, and also a distinctive looking old victorian house, it was easy to find. And it still looks the same! I lived on the third floor so if you look up, you will see the windows of the living room/kitchen. I also found the office building where I used to work--thanks again to mapquest. The company (Murphy Favre) is no longer in existence, but the building still stands!

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